Ben Puah

Ben Puah is an award-winning artist whose accolades include the prestigious President’s Young Talents (2001) presented by the Singapore Art Museum as well as the UOB Painting of the Year (Bronze, 2020). Ben graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Distinction) from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Australia and was the recipient of the President’s Young Talents 2001 conferred by Singapore Art Museum (SAM).

Ben has been a full-time professional artist since 1997. He is a great experimenter of the so-called neo-expressionist style and had achieved recognition as a painter. He was distinguished for his use of colour and his experimental approaches to technique and composition, always challenging the visual and expressive boundaries of traditional painting.

Ben has participated in more than 100 exhibitions locally and overseas. His artworks are collected by private collectors and museums, including Singapore Art Museum, Ministry of Sustainability and the Environment Singapore, National Institute of Education Singapore, Earl Lu Gallery and Vietnam Fine Art Association.

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