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With the emergence of plus size t-shirts in Singapore, a lot of people have started to be more accepting of people with different body shapes. The term “plus size” which used to be derogatory is now becoming a trend.

The rise in popularity of plus size clothing has been a long time coming. Women and men who are not considered to be “average” can finally feel comfortable wearing clothing that they want even if it doesn’t come in their size at most stores.

The term plus size is usually only applied to clothing that is considered more generous in size than what the average person would wear. This clothing includes plus size jeans, tshirts, and dresses.

Plus-size clothing come in a variety of styles and cuts. They are available for both women and men, though larger sizes can be difficult to find plus size t-shirt for men.

Our plus size tshirt for women is available in sizes from 4XL to 8XL, so it will accommodate just about everyone. The fabric is soft and breathable so you’ll be comfortable wearing it all day long. It also has short sleeves which make it perfect for any occasion.