Women in Singapore love getting clothes but especially love one-of-a-kind gifts like occupation-related t-shirts and tote bags. We all enjoy cool and fun t-shirts and unique gifts. Here are some great gift ideas for the beloved women in your life.

Many women work in the retail or f&b profession, so unique gifts related to this are great finds. For your favorite f&b girl, you can find a variety of comical t-shirts like Bak Kwa short sleeve t-shirt. Or you can go for more casual sayings on t-shirts that she can wear everyday like Sibuei Chio short sleeve t-shirt. You can even find tote bags, mini tee and cotton tote bag to compliment the t-shirt. These women t-shirts comes in many colors and sizes, as well as many designs.

Queen of Gamblers-white-mini-tee-miniature-figurine-toy-clothing
God of Gamblers-white-mini-tee-miniature-figurine-toy-clothing

You can also go for lovely and unique gifts of mini tee, which they can hang on their car or as home decoration, either with certain sayings or just a fancy picture like Queen of Gamble Mini Tee. It can even be further personalized by choosing a matching couple God of Gamblers Mini Tee!

Most women love food, so any unique gift that includes one or both of these is a sure win in the gift department. How about for a noodle addict a t-shirt that says “Mee Pok”, or for the snack lover a t-shirt that says “Chee Cheong Fan”?

You can also give a fashionable high-quality tote bag to those who have pet sitting or sitting services, such as a tote bag that says “Huat’s Up” or for the groomer, a tote bag that says, “Guailanmeow”.

These are all great one-of-a-kind gift ideas and you don’t have to be limited to just T-shirts as they can also be placed on tote bags, mini tees, and long sleeve t-shirt.