Wet Tee Shirt interviewed in Straits Time Post “Beleaguered S’pore retailer Naiise makes comeback as online platform 5 months after closing down”

Among Naiise’s former vendors that have joined its new platform is home-grown brand Wet Tee Shirt, which sells T-shirts with designs firmly branded with local humour. 

Its parent company Wet Designs was among the largest creditors, and was owed around $70,000 by the time Naiise went into liquidation. 

The firm’s managing director, Mr Nicholas Chan, said he wanted to continue supporting the retailer, which supports local brands. 

“We’ve been working with Naiise since 2015 and they were very open with us all along,” he said. 

“We know that they didn’t deliberately take our money and run, it was just bad management.” 

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