Wet Tee Shirt welcome Naiise

Naiise Lah! Welcome Back

As a proudly Singapore-designed and Singaporean-made fashion label that has grown together with @Naiise since our inception in 2014, we worked hard together to bring our local brand of humour to the masses. In those years, friendships were formed as we supported each other. When @Naiise buckled under the spectre of a global lockdown with no end in sight, we worked together with the @Naiise team and their customers right until the very end simply because we wanted to do what is right, within our limited capacity, despite the odds.

Now about 6 months after the fall, a new management team acquired what was left of @Naiise and stepped up to the plate in continuing the mission of bringing our #local brands global. We at @wetteeshirt will continue supporting and working together hand-in-hand with the new @Naiise like a phoenix rising from the ashes, #huatah !

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