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Tiger Mum Tote Bag


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Tiger Mum Canvas Tote Bag 

Big enough for shopping and fit a 13" inch laptop and other barang barang..

Designer Message:

We all know a Tiger Mum in our lives. 

Therefore the motto: Delivering pain where it hurts. 

"Wah Pain...! Don't pinch me!"

"If it's not pain, its just scratching leh. And it won't be called a pinch la."

Being brought up in a Chinese family, I have a Tiger Mum. Yes, and I love her. :)


Canvas + Heavy Duty Handle Tote Bag
Dimension: 44cm x 32cm (17.5inch x 12.5inch)
Handle: 26mm (19.5inch)
Material: Canvas
Color: Beech

White Cotton Tote Bag
Dimension: 48cm x 33cm (18.5inch x 13inch)
Handle: 26mm (19.5inch)
Material: Cotton
Color: White

Small Canvas Tote Bag
Dimension: 33cm x 31cm (13inch x 12inch)
Handle: 26mm (19.5inch)
Material: Canvas
Color: Beech