Size Guide
Shipping and Sizing


Free Secure shipping in Singapore and Malaysia is available for purchases above S$60. For orders below S$60, the Secure Shipping in Singapore and Malaysia is $4.80. 

As all our tees are painstakingly handcrafted individually in Singapore, it will usually take around 7-14 days to reach you (for orders in Singapore and Malaysia).

We also ship worldwide and the fees are auto calculated when you checkout. It will usually take around 10 - 21 days for Worldwide depending where you are at.


Our tees are unisex and standard fit, the smallest size that we recommend for guys is Unisex S. For ladies, if you used to wearing either ladies cut S or M, we recommend Unisex XS. As each piece is constructed by hand individually, please make an allowance of +/- 2cm for the measurements.

Huat sizing:

We have other sizing for those sibei HUAT friends, starts from 4XL all the way to 8XL. Let us know if you need to do fitting in our showroom.


Size Shoulder Chest Sleeve Length Body Length
XS 15" 36" 6.5" 25"
S 16" 38" 7" 26"
M 17" 40" 7.5" 27"
L 18" 42" 8" 28"
XL 19" 44" 8.5" 29"
XXL 20" 46" 9" 30"



Singapourien means Singaporean in French. It's for the pretentious high class snob in you.

That's it. And its because so many Singaporeans love French and business owners like to name their shops with pretentious french names like Le Kopi, Le Hair Salon and it makes no focking sense.

How about those people who says "excuse moi" when in fact it should be "excusez-moi?" I could go on and on about these people...

Oh an interesting fact, do you know that French Fries are not from the French?

Here's another one, Wetteeshirt are not wet. Mind blown.

All the tees are proudly made in Singapore for Singaporeans and people who love Singapore. 100% cotton and suitable for the damn hot weather so you can wear it to the padang or stadium.