Wet Tee Shirt

Majulah Wetteeshirt Crew Neck S-Sleeve T-shirt


Part of the new Singapore collection

Majulah means progress forward, Majulah Singapura means progress forward, Singapore. Majulah Wetteeshirt means progress forward, Wetteeshirt.

But do you know Majulah is not a Malay word?

At least not a true malay word, but a colloquial expression of ‘Maju’ – which means ‘to progress forward’.

As such, it’s not found in the Malay dictionary.

This was shared in a video by former 987fm deejay, Divian Nair.

If you wonder what the bottom statement in the design says, it says that "If you're reading this, you're standing too close."

True to size standard fit tee. Made of 100% cotton.