• Order Your Father's Day Tshirts Now

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    Wah lau eh, did you forget your Father's Day gift this year again?
  • Celebrating NS50: Recognizing the effort from the Brothers

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    This year Singaporeans are celebrating NS50, 50 years of National Service.

    Wetteeshirt recognizes the effort from the brothers who are serving or served NS, and we are giving away $50 gift vouchers for your squadron/team tee shirts. Email to shop@wetteeshirt to claim your gift vouchers!


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    Want to know what's happening this Xmas?
  • 10 Quirky Singaporean Xmas Gift Ideas

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    It's the time of the year for buying presents. Quite a headache huh?

    Limpehs at Wetteeshirt have found 10 Super unique gifts for your die hard patriotic Singaporean Friend. He or she will thank you for it.

    1. Xiao Ming Tee - Temasek Clothings $29.90

    Credit: Temasek Clothings

    If you have done Chinese composition before, you will remember starting the phrase with 在一个风和日丽的bla bla bla. We got people come to us during our pop ups and say "Oh I like the Xiao Ming Yee." And we said no that's not us, it's from our friends. Duh.

    2. Wheniwasfour - Good Morning Towel Phone Case - $16.90

    Credit: WhenIwasfour

    Quirky yes, local yes, this makes a great xmas gift.

    3. Wheniwasfour - Bao Huat Provision Shop Cushion Cover - $28

    Credit: WhenIwasfour

    Sibei Interesting gift for your friend who loves to stay at home and play host during festive season.

    4. The Little Drom Store - Steady Pom Pipi Tote - $22

    Credit: Thelittledromstore

    For your very "Zai" friend.


    5. Statement - Wah Lao Eh tshirt - $30

    Credits: Statement

    2 outcomes can come out of this, either your friend say "Wah Lao Eh, this tshirt I like lor", or "Wah Lao Eh, why give me this Wah La Eh tshirt?" But wetteeshirt like this.

    6. Teesaurus - Office Buddy Singlish Sketchpads - $18.90

    Credit: Tee-saurus

    This is very popular and very suitable for your colleagues! Packed with 10 Singlish messages from Very Beesy, to Leservist so your colleague knows why you are not around.

    7. The Damn Good Shop - Nokia 8210 - $120

    Credit: The Damn Good Shop

    I told you it's going to be quirky. Back to the days where screen is only black and white, and the only game you play is snake. If your friend has lived in the 90s and own one of this awesome phone, he/she will love you for it. 

    8. Wetteeshirt - Shut Up And Walk Tshirt - $30

    Shut Up And Walk

    Click here to buy

    For your Pokemon Go fanatic friend, who goes to Changi Village, MBS, follow the pokemap to catch virtual monsters. So shut up and walk, and hatch pokemon eggs.

    9. Wetteeshirt - Kayatella Tshirt - $30


    If your friend loves local food, especially kaya toast, eggs and kopi, then this tshirt is for your friend. Can do name customization as well!

    10. Wetteeshirt - Superyandaokia tshirt - $30


    If you have a friend who thinks he's very handsome or he's someone who is confident, this is a perfect gift. Comes with a Superchiobu version as well.

  • Makers Market at Capitol Piazza: 8 - 9 Oct 2016

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    We were at the Makers Market at Capitol Piazza